5 New Ways to Get Your Man Worked Up

Posted on 7/19/2017
Sex life not so sizzling lately?
Here's a couple things you can do right now to get his attention:
1. Buy a sexy set of lingerie and prance around the house until he notices
2. Take a que from Jennifer Anniston in The Breakup and get your "canvas" waxed so he can paint you.
3. Practice yoga postures while he's watching t.v. When the commercials come on and he catches sight of you, he will want you to see how flexible you are in bed.
4. Give him a play by play of your sex dream from last night (make it up if you didn't actually have one). Be sure to touch him while you tell the story to get him really worked up.
5. Set the clocks ahead tonight and surprise him in the shower tomorrow morning.