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Aneros Progasm

Aneros Progasm

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The Aneros Progasm is the latest addition to the Aneros family of prostate stimulators. Large and bold, the Progasm provides additional sensations throughout the anal canal while still employing the same famous patented mechanism which causes our products to pivot inside the man's body, rhythmically stroking the prostate for incredible, sublime pleasure.

The Progasm has several design features that distinguish it from the other Aneros models. First, the Progasm has a round, ball-shaped perineum tab. This new tab provides a different dispersion of pressure on the perineum. Second, the Progasm has a second tab, which we call the Kundalini Tab, or 'K-Tab.' This tab puts pressure on a known acupressure point located right below the sacrum or tailbone. The pressure from this new tab can provide extra sensations up and down the spine in addition to adding to the whole Aneros experience. Finally, most evident is the size of the Progasm. The Progasm is 25%-30% larger than the Maximus. The thick, contoured head and angled stem provides significant direct contact on the prostate for amazing sensations.

Mobility is a key to success with our products, and despite its size the Progasm moves inside the man's body to provide a robust prostate massage for incredible pleasure.

Introducing NEW Progasm Ice! 

Despite its appearance, the Ice is not made of glass. Rather, it is made of an award-winning, FDA approved, medical and food grade plastic which is rapidly being used as a replacement for glass because it does not break. The production of this plastic also emits less gases than other types, making the manufacturing process better for the environment.

The production process creates a unique air bubble, making each one unlike any other. Each Aneros Progasm Ice is a one-of-a-kind.

5 Stars
Orgasms you will never forget!
I purchased the Aneros Progasm as my third product in the Aneros lineup. Having graduated from smaller toys to bigger and fuller toys, this seemed like the right choice. It comes in a few colors, and I opted for black (it just looks sleeker). The texture is a very hard but very smooth plastic. I used silicone-based lube and the Progasm slid in very easily. If this is your first anal toy it might be a little thick, so take your time. You can control the first sphincter but the inner sphincter is all up to your body. You need to be totally relaxed. Where the Progasm excels is how it sits on the prostate. The curving of the product is slightly varied from others of the same brand, and each person is different. This one seemed to hit all of the right spots. There are no vibrations, like you would find in the Vice, and the idea is for your own contractions to do the work for you. After a while, your automatic system will take over and help the Progasm quiver inside you (which will ultimately make you quiver outside). The hardness of the product is another high point. Whether you are using your own muscular contractions, or if you are playing with it manually a bit, the pressure on your prostate will be intense. It is NOT painful; it is intense. Those are two very different things. If something like this ever is painful, stop and consult an expert. Where the Progasm falls short is also one of its strengths. So, you have to take the good with the bad. Since it is made of a very smooth plastic, once it is lubricated it has a tendency to slip out. I never had this problem while lying on my back or side. However, if I mounted my wife it was a bit awkward to keep it from popping out... which would totally ruin the mood. That said, after practicing kegels, this was no longer an issue. Overall, the orgasm you will achieve is super strong. I get excited just thinking about using it again. Enjoy!
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