F*ck Off Coronavirus! Coloring Book
F*ck Off Coronavirus! Coloring Book

F*ck Off Coronavirus! Coloring Book

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Relax with 50 Defiantly Fun Swear Word Coloring Pages 

Coronavirus sucks. Self-quarantining sucks. Social distancing sucks. With reasons to stress coming at us from all directions, why not take a break and just tell life to shut the f*ck up? Forget the news and forget the people you’re stuck indoors with. Practice some colorfully meditative self-care with 112 coloring pages packed with belligerent one-liners, foul-mouthed insults, and just plain immature language. 

Color away the stress as you tune out all the coronavirus bullsh*t and create an irreverent masterpiece. Give this novel virus the double bird and color the hell out of this coloring book!

  • I hate Coronavirus: Coloring Pages for Your Inner Misanthrope
  • Self-Quarantine Rage: Coloring Pages for Expressing Frustrations
  • I Hate Everyone: Coloring Pages to Get Over Other People
  • Chill Out: Coloring Pages for Calming the Fuck Down
  • Today Fucking Sucked: Coloring Pages for Some Serious Venting
  • Pump Me Up: Coloring Pages to Celebrate Your Awesomeness

Measures 8.25" x 11"