G Balls 2
G Balls 2

G Balls 2

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G Balls2 are the first kegel sensor balls in the world controlled by a mobile App. Using bio-feedback technology, the stronger the user squeezes, the stronger the vibration G Balls2 provides. Designed for both iOS and Android, the Magic Kegel App can then be used as a personal smart coach by guiding the wearer through six different training programs with four levels of difficulty. Kegel training will never be the same! 

Your personal coach for kegel exercises:
  • Personalized virtual coach
  • 6 comprehensive training courses targeting the right pelvic floor muscles
  • Voice guide
  • Daily target with guided daily exercises
  • Badges & Reward system with daily tracking
  • Ultra sensitive pressure sensor - Multiple sensors ensures accuracy of biofeedback
  • Splash-proof silicone unified body
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • Also works in non-app mode

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