Jennifer Love Hewitt Has Us Talking About Vajazzling

Posted on 6/22/2010
DEFINITION: Vajazzling: v. Applying decorative stick-on crystals to the skin after waxing your lady business. Yep. You read that right. It's exactly what is sounds like: Bedazzling your vajayjay.

IN THE NEWS: Vajazzling is stirring up some serious media attention, thanks to Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jennifer appeared on the talk shows Lopez Tonight and Chelsea Lately where she revealed her LOVE of vajazzling. She said she gets it done "all the time, to feel good." Our favorite quote from her was, "It shined like a disco ball!" WOW. Really?

So whether you need a little assistance keeping the attention of someone easily distracted by shiny objects... OR you just like the idea of beautifying your lady bits, give the Flambouyant set from Bijoux Indiscrets a try.

Here are the video clips from J. Love's t.v. appearances:
Lopez Tonight
Chelsea Lately