Meet the Toy That Has Been Our Top Seller for 10 Straight Years

Posted on 5/5/2019

In the last 10 years, the sex toy industry has seen so much change. Manufacturers have been working to develop new toys that get you off in new ways and also bring a level of sophistication that was rare 10 years ago. Some truly innovative toys have blasted onto the scene with great reviews, celebrity endorsements and massive sales.

But despite all the new technology in adult toys, one toy has continued to be our #1 seller year after year with no ad campaigns, no celebrities and no mobile app.  The njoy Pure Wand is quietly raved about in Reddit threads and lauded on personal blogs. Here's why this toy has developed a loyal fan base and stays solidly on top of our best seller list:


1.  The unique weight and curved shape hit the sweet spot like no other toy can

The njoy Pure Wand is perfectly curved to easily reach the G-spot or the Prostate.  The smaller bulb on one end can be used for more precise stimulation, or you can choose to use the end with the larger bulb for broader sensations. njoy’s award-winning designs weren’t an accident; the founder is a mechanical engineer with a passion for sexual anatomy. 

When using the Pure Wand, some prefer steady pressure while others swear that rocking the Pure Wand up and down against the G-spot is the key to heaven’s gates.  Either way, the 1.5 pounds of solid stainless steel provide an experience like no other toy on the market. 

2. The Pure Wand is non-vibrating

Maybe your vibrator always feels too strong or too weak, maybe you’re going numb before you can climax, or maybe you just want a little more variety in your sex life.  

njoy toys are perfect if vibrators are problematic for you.  But even if you’re fully committed to your vibrator, you can still have an amazing experience with a Pure Wand.  Your body responds differently to different sensations and you can experience endless types of pleasure and orgasm.  Why not broaden your horizons a bit and experience all sex toys have to offer? 


3. The njoy Pure Wand will last forever

A solid sculpture of medical-grade stainless steel, the Pure Wand won't ever be ruined by corroded batteries.  njoy uses 316-grade stainless steel which is stronger than cheaper steel and resists corrosion which can be an issue when moisture meets metal. (Watch out, there are some knock-offs out there that use these cheaper materials that might not be safe.)

4. It's perfect for temperature play

Our bodies are marvelous wonders that respond differently not only to pressure, but also to temperature.  Chill the njoy Pure Wand in the fridge for totally new sensations.  Or if freezing temps aren't your thing, the Pure Wand can easily be brought to body temperature by holding it in your hand or using and electric warming sleeve


5. It's super easy to clean

njoy toys are non-porus so they don’t hold onto any of the icky stuff. Their durability makes them extremely easy to sanitize.  You can boil the Pure Wand (wrap it in a towel so you don’t scratch it or your pot) or run it through the dishwasher if yours has a sanitizing cycle.  You can also hand wash it with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. Just avoid any abrasive cleaners and your Pure Wand will be perfect for years.


6. It looks great on display

Ok, maybe the Pure Wand won’t compliment your farm house décor but if you’ve got a minimalistic modern style, it will fit right in on your coffee-table! Every njoy toy is hand-polished to a mirror-like shine so you’ll probably catch your guests checking out their reflection in it.

Even if you chose not to display your Pure Wand, it doesn’t have the same effect on anyone snooping through your nightstand drawer as other toys and its aesthetic makes you feel pretty powerful when using it. 

So what are you waiting for?  Order yours today!

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