Mystim - Bal(l)zac

Mystim - Bal(l)zac

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Electricity is fast becoming part of the mainstream because there are so many possible variations to choose from.  Today couples are exploring new avenues of sensation that are exciting, but not too extreme.


People have discovered that electrical impulses can stimulate almost any area of the body by awakening nerve endings making them more sensitive and orgasmic when they later engage in love-making.


Mystim Bal(l)zac is designed for use with the Mystim Tension Lover Kit and is suitable for vaginal or anal use and creates comfortable electrical stimulation of all nerves. The soft, tingling, rhythmic pulsation or intense pushing it creates can be enjoyed for hours?or vary and increase the level of intensity for unexpected sensations and levels of feelings.


Measures 9.85"l x 1.18"d

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