Mystim - Rocking Force
Mystim - Rocking Force

Mystim - Rocking Force

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In a very impressive way, Rocking Force proves how tempting the dark side of the force really can be. Wrapped in imperial black, the Mystim butt plug loves to vanish where the sun hardly ever shines. And inserting it there is really easy, as the plug’s gracefully formed silicone made body has a tapering shape and ends in a softly rounded tip. If you are a virgin to anal toys then Rocking Force S is probably your blaster of choice. Overthrowing your anal deflector shield was a piece of cake? As an advanced you should pick Rocking Force L and get the “Stormtrooper-Rock” going.

Small Measures 3.7"long x 1.5" diameter 
Large Measures 4.1"long x 1.9"diameter

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