New Ways to Celebrate Pride in the Pandemic

Posted on 5/31/2020
With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on our sense of normalcy and banning public gatherings, Pride 2020 will be missing the amazing parades and street parties that we all love.  But you can still show your Pride and celebrate with those you love! Here are some ways to stay safe but keep the fun in Pride Month including some of our favorite toys!

How to Keep Pride Alive during the Pandemic

Share your favorite photos from past Pride celebrations using #LELOVirtualPride@lelo_official will be sharing the best photos all month.

Binge-watch LGBTQ+ TV shows like Queer Eye, Will & Grace, The L Word or Glee.  Parade has compiled a great list of shows that you can watch to celebrate Pride Month.

Learn about the history of Pride which started as a protest.  Find a way to stand in solidarity with others who are facing oppression and injustice right now.  

Many of the best local Pride parades are going virtual.  Tune into the many Pride celebrations online and be sure not to miss Global Pride 2020 on June 27th. 

Toys to Celebrate Pride

Pride Collection by Avant

Plugs and Harnessable Suction Cup Dils made of premium soft silicone each celebrating a different LGBTQ+ group.
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SpareParts Harnesses

SpareParts makes a variety of styles but every one is designed to be the most comfortable harnesses for strap on play. 
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Sliquid Swirl Flavored Lubes

 All Swirl formulations start with the original Naturals H2O water-based lubricant and add flavoring and a hint of aspartame to sweeten so that they never cause yeast infections or UTIs.  
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All of Our Pride Favorites

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However you decide to celebrate Pride this year, please stay safe!

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