Nexus G-Play Plus
Nexus G-Play Plus

Nexus G-Play Plus

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Ideal for men AND women, the ergonomically designed shafts of the G-Play range are shaped to give maximum titillation for both male and female G-spots.  Made from durable FDA approved silicone with 6 powerful vibration modes and rechargeable. 

How to use the Nexus G-play:

The Nexus G-Play range consists of three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The G-Play Small provides the solution to that elusive thrill sought by those wishing to take their first step into anal exploration, whilst the Medium and large sizes take things to the next level with their ergonomic shafts and delicious vibration settings. The G-Play range can be used with any water based lubricant (do not use a silicone based lube!) and are each powered by long lasting batteries for vibrating fun which lasts as long as you can!

If you intend to use any of the G-Plays anally, there are a few tips and tricks to make sure that you get the most out of the experience!

Lubrication is very important when indulging in anal play, so when you feel ready take a good dollop of lube and work it into the whole anal area. Try to spend at least 10 minutes on this x-rated massage, as it is essential in promoting blood flow to the area and getting those all-important nerve endings tingling! Use more lube on the head and shaft of your chosen toy and by holding the base gently insert the head of the toy into your anus and position it so that the whole shaft is inside. You can then switch on the G-Play by pressing the button located at the base of the toy firmly to start the vibrations. If using the G-Play Large you can scroll through the 5 different vibration settings by pressing the button again and again. To turn the toys off hold the button down firmly.

The appeal of the G-Play range lies in its versatility so feel free to explore the many different applications - as well as anal play the range can be used to stimulate the clitoris or be used vaginally - perfect for couples! 

Small: 2.36" insertable length, 1.57" wide
Medium: 2.76" insertable length, 1.38" wide
Large: 3.14" insertable length, 1.57" wide

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