Take a Bath with Lelo's Alia

Posted on 11/1/2017
Take a Bath with Lelo's Alia
Submerge and indulge in a steamy evening with one of Lelo's waterproof Insignia Pleasure Objects. Here are some tips and ideas on how to awaken your inner mermaid with Alia, an elegantly versatile external massager:
  • Start Alia on a low setting for a relaxing, soapy all-over body massage stimulating your shoulders, nape, thighs and chest.
  • Alia will pulse and flutter as you move through her six stimulation modes; squeeze your thighs around her when activated and melt into a watery wonderland of pleasure.
  • Stand up and use the showerhead to play with the water temperature and pressure, cool Alia down with cold water for a thrilling icy sensation.
Don’t forget, she will last for four hours on a full charge so you have all evening to take your time, relax, rejuvenate, rive and revive.

If you don't already have an Alia, order yours today!