njoy Pure Plug 2.0
Pure Plug 2.0

njoy Pure Plug 2.0

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(a lot) more of a good thing! njoy Pure Plugs have a large head for that delicious stretch of penetration, with a small stem for good retention and long-term comfort. The artful curve offers him a welcome P-spot tease or a bonus massage for her during double-penetration play. The silky-smooth, weighty steel adds a lovely sense of fullness.

Not quite ready for the extra large 2.0?  Try a small, medium or large Pure Plug first!

Pure/Fun defines njoy's mission:  to create deluxe products that enhance the enjoyment of one's body and sexuality.  Njoy strives to elevate the wholesome experience of sexual exploration, sharing and pleasure.

Njoy products are made with the highest quality new-world craftsmanship and the purest materials available for safety and infinite durability. Njoy hopes as much fun is had playing with their toys as they have designing them...because that is what it's all about...Pure/Fun--njoy!

    * 1.25 lbs
    * Approx 5.5" end to end
    * 3.5" long insertable length
    * 2" wide head
    * Packaged in a beautiful sleeved black box with fuchsia satin lining
    * Cast in 316 medical grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine
    * Completely non-porous, so they can be cleaned or sterilized by any means
    * Holds heat and cold beautifully for temperature play
    * Luxuriously smooth and shaped perfectly to the curves of the body
    * Suitable for use with any type of lubricant
4 Stars
personal relationship
I recently purchased the 'large' version, which happens to be half an inch smaller than this, and after an initial struggle to learn the best process, using it soon became very comfortable. So I thought I'd try this; the XL. I almost found the XL scary. Using it the first time took a good 25 mins and gave rise to questions regarding what would happen if I couldn't get it out again! It's been a few weeks since then and it still takes a few minutes or so the first time in the day that I use it. Once 'in', the XL initially feels 'full', but after a while feels a little too large to be comfortable for long term wear. It is a good fun 'toy', but I refer to the 1.5 'Large' version for longer wear (or if I want one for short term use, as it is quicker to get it). The quality of this range is high. Whether the XL will suit everyone's needs or personal preferences is another matter. I am very pleased I have it, and will continue to get it out to 'play with' every so often, but I confess that I prefer the smaller 'Large' to this XL. I am based in the UK and purchased this from BetweenTheSheets because other US retailers would not send to the UK, and the UK retailers were asking more than twice the price and then wanted to charg p+p to send from the US anyway. Allowing for the distance, item arrived quickly and as described, thank you.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from UK. on 9/21/2015
5 Stars
What a great toy for! There was a slight shipping delay due to product availability and some winter weather, but all is good. This is a great product, smooth and large. Don't let the pictures fool you, it seems almost double in size of the njoy pure plug large which is what I started with. However it was still fairly easy to use (wearing it right now at my desk) and feels great. Definitely more noticeable than the large, great p-spot stimulation for men. Handle is larger so be careful not to expose yourself sitting on hard surfaces with an audible clang. Would 100% suggest purchasing! Hope this helps, Njoy yourself. ;-)
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from San Antonio. on 3/3/2015
5 Stars
GET one
Great customer service and Fast Delivery! I ordered this on a Wednesday and received it Friday. The Quality of this product is out of this world. The njoy Pure Plug 2.0 is big wow is the only word to describe it. Between the Sheets is awesome and so is this Toy get one
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ca. on 8/22/2014
5 Stars
I went back and forth between buying the large or the 2.0. Well I am so happy I went with the 2.0. This is my 2nd plug. I tried the prostate massager but that product did nothing for me. I then bought two training plugs which were no larger than 1.25 inches in diameter. Now this week my 2.0 arrived. Twice I tried to insert it but with no luck although I was close. Finally the third time was the charm. The rush I felt when my ass pulled the 2.0 inside was amazing to say the least. I immediately felt the pressure against my P spot and in no time my cock was leaking pre-cum. I wore it around the house for a hour or so. The handle does stick out from my cheeks but I don't have a big ass. So I was a beginner just 2 months ago when it came to anal play. Now with the 2.0 i feel like an intermediate. Can't wait to explore the 2.0 with my wife. Buy the 2.0 even though it is 1/2 inch wider than the large.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from . on 2/26/2016
5 Stars
The weight when inserted is amazing, very comfortable. NOT for beginners
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New York. on 5/14/2014
5 Stars
A little more
Njoys plugs are finely crafted. Own the large and the xlarge 2.0 .The large is way too small and isn't close to the 2.0.That being said it would be nice to see njoy make a couple larger sizes. Also a larger shaft between the head and handle for a little more stretch.The most comfortable way to wear for long term is curve to the back.Facing forward the handle becomes uncomfortable after a short period of time. Overall a great plug.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from new york. on 5/24/2012
5 Stars
Sized for fun
Previously bought large njoy plug and although I like it I always wished I had gotten the 2.0. Now I have the 2.0 and it is perfect. Just the right burn on insertion and the weight and feel when it's inserted is nothing short of orgasmic.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Texas. on 7/26/2015
5 Stars
Just arrived!! Lubed up and shoved it right in with a little work. WOW what a feeling. This a real winner. Feels just as good pulling out as it is going in.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from North Texas. on 6/12/2013
5 Stars
In love!!
This plug is amazing! I love its heavty weight and full feel, and it wears comfortably all day! Not for begginers but if you have ever had a desire to feel the best, this is it.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from California. on 12/7/2013
5 Stars
Great Item
I bought this 2.0 after using both the Large as well as the PureWand, as I wanted something bigger for more stimulation, possibly for wear outside. This is now the largest diameter plug I'm able to get in comfortably and really keeps your attention due to its weight. My next step will be sleeping while plugged with the 2.0 which I'm looking forward to trying. Perhaps the owner of BTSS.com can enlighten us - do you know what the flatter or slightly cut out sections on this 2.0 plug are for? My other njoy plug and wand are smooth, without that feature.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Central US, OK. on 10/21/2016

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